EH Itaxerxes  
Elite Stallion of a Special Class
- Perfect Performance and Beauty!

In Memoriam
Itaxerxes - Trakehner Fuchshengst aus bester Linie
Trakehner chestnut stallion of the best lines. 
First class character, exceptional performance and transmission, outstanding movements and rideability.

Approved for Trakehner, Hanoverians, Westfalians, Rhinelanders, Bavarians, Rhineland-Pfalz-Saar and Z.F.D.P.


Breed: Trakehner
Color: Chestnut Sabino Pinto
Born:  3.19.1982- 05.23.2005
Measures: 170-205-21.6
Breeder: Breeding Farm Webelsgrund
Location:  Breeding Farm Nornenhof 
Champion 1984 Approval Neumunster
Champion 1985 Performance test Warendorf
Dressage:  132.25
Jumping: 129.24
Total: 135.96
Breeding Index:

othing is normal about him! Neither his name, nor his color, not his charisma, not at all his impulsion, his movements, which inspire adoration. Unusual and unique is his ancestry. A pedigree, which gets under one's skin and is confirmed by his success:

hampion of the approval 1984
This stallion's approval was documented in the Trakehner annals, never before did the public and the committee agree so much, there has never been a more superior winner than this chestnut stallion, who bounced around the riding grounds with breathtaking movements and dynamics. Itaxerxes conquered all hearts - his triumphant advance started...

Champion of the performance test 1985

...his triumphant advance had its first imposing highlight at the performance test in Warendorf. As winner, a performance was attested to him, which is with 135,96 pts far above the average . That never happened before. No question: Itaxerxes is a modern saddle-horse, a sports-horse! His quality is not reached until today.

Best Trakehner of his age group 1992

The FN Breeding Value Index, based on the performance of successful sport-horse descendants, was entered by Itaxerxes, aged 10 at that time, with a breeding value rate of 125 pts, that made him best of his age group in 1992. The rating of 125 pts. places him among the top 5% of stallions of all breeds in Germany to the present day.

By his distinct willingness to work, combined with the very best temperament and character he confirmed his value for the sport. 1986 he was winner of 13 performance test events and 2 show jumping competitions. 1987 he started his dressage career and prevailed as serial winner of Class S competitions.


Fam.: T15B Isola Longa (Main stud Trakehnen) 

EH Tenor
Tummler Heros
E. St Tilsit III
PrSt Tip-Top
Irka II
Cardinal xx
Off Key xx
Chevalier's Star xx
Isolda Impuls
Isola Madre

Itaxerxes: versatile talents


is official description in the Trakehner stallion book:

"He has the characteristics of the ancient bloodlines and combines the proportions of the Thoroughbred and the substance and harmonic body of old purebred Trakehner dam-lines in the most desirable way. Exemplary in breed- and sex type, he is harmoniously and significantly molded in neck, saddle position and croup formation. Sufficiently strong in the foundation, yet with very dry and distinct joints. His gait is very energetic with strong impulsion from the hindquarters... "

Itaxerxes aged 2


Unusual and unique is Itaxerxes' pedigree. It is exceptional, because his dam-line as well as his sire's line is so impressive, so dazzling, so packed with equine VIPs, so promising of high performance like no other.
First there is Irka, his dam, who was sired by no one less than the Thoroughbred Cardinal xx. The grandson of Nearco xx, who is among the 6 best stallions of the eternal Best's List.

Irka's dam Isolda produced four approved sons: Intimus, Infant, Indus and the fourtimes German Riding-Champion (Dressage Class S), Ibikus.

Isola Madre, Irka's grand-dam was born in the main stud of Trakehnen, as daughter of the "greatest Trakehner of all times", the unforgettable stallion Pythagoras.

There is no need to tell anything about Impuls, Irka's grandsire, one of the supporting pillars of the new Trakehner Breed. Impuls' dam Italia is one of the great legends of the Breed: During the evacuation of Trakehnen the mare, pregnant by Humboldt, was hurt in the hindleg by a shell-splinter. Despite the injury she walked all the way to western Germany, where she birthed her famous colt Impuls, shortly after her arrival.

Itaxerxes' sire, the Elite Stallion Tenor, Reserve Champion of the 1980 approval, is so well known that further explanations are not necessary. His grandsire Tummler, one of Germany's most important, internationally successful three-day event horses, unites the performance potential of his sire, DLG Champion Heros's dynasty with the success of his dam's sire the anglo-arab Burnus AA. R
eserve champion and 1979 DLG Champion by his own right, Tummler sired 4 approved sons: E.H. Tenor, Hilarius, Isidor and Tivano

he famous Totilas is found more than once in Itaxerxes pedigree, as well as Dampfross, Pythagoras, Humboldt, Hutten, Ararad and Tempelhuter. The valuable blood-lines of E.St. Tilsit III, Komet and Eichendorf, the Pilger-line and the Perfektionist-line are present too.

A classical ancestry, as it is seldom found in these days.

Great impulsion paired with high collection.


Itaxerxes aged 20: Still fit, healthy and willing to work.


taxerxes distinguishes himself by staying power, longevity, a harmonic build, wonderful dynamic gaits, absolute willingness to work and outstanding beauty. He is very reliable to transmit these characteristics to his foals - in addition a lot of expression, beautiful heads, good type, willingness to work and his versatile talents.

All his offspring inherit expressive, beautiful faces.

approved stallions were sired by Itaxerxes, 3 of the Trakehner breed: Kir Royal, Bardolino and Primeur. Especially Kir Royal distinguished himself at show-jumping. Eight premium mares trace their ancestry back to Itaxerxes, like champion mare Bonita, at the same time winner of the mare's performance test and 1c prize-winner of the 3rd. federal horseshow in Verden. Or like Imatra, the top horse of the Rhineland Autum-Auction 1989. More than 40 registrated daughters ensure his further influence on the breed.

Itaxerxes sired the winner of the German Colt's Championate (all breeds) 1993, the winning colt got the high index of 90,5 pts.

2002 his grandchild Baccara, already winner of the performance test 2001, was champion of the Federal Trakehner Show event in Rhineland. Presently, Batida de Coco (S-Dressage, Prix St. Georges) by his approved son Bardolino, and his 2003 approved grandson Dexter prove his prepotency through the generations.


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